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2022 Astrology Predictions

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2022 Astrology Predictions

Aries: — Dwadasha Jupiter will cause you many troubles this year, but Saturn will alleviate those difficulties to some extent by moving in your dashama and ekadasha house. All the work you started will be very slow. Building workers can lose a lot and have a gastrointestinal disease. For those who do business on a boat or ship, profit is high. A good step forward for students learning social science and math. There is foreign travel yoga for the sake of employment. Between the end of June and mid-November this year, there is a great need for health care. Worship Sri Dattatreya.

Taurus: — This year is also a happy year for you. Saturn in Jupiter as well as Saturn in Navama and Dashama will fulfil your year’s wishes. The unemployed have a job fortune. For those who run a financial institution, working in a bank will have a great benefit. There is promotion yoga for government employees. Good results for students in medical and research. Extra profits for lottery or leveraged businessmen. Be alert of health, those who work in stone and clay. New job can be started this year. The unmarried men have a marriage fortune. There is good result from the worship of Anjaneya.

Gemini: — The Jupiter of Dasha will protect you even though the influence of Saturn is higher. Nervous and abdominal distress are often present. Petrol and oil traders are expected to get higher profits after November this year. You will Start a new job, buy a land or a house, make a pilgrimage tour, engineering and diploma students have a great way forward. Those who are looking for a job will get a job, but Saturn will have an impact on your health frequently. Excessive nerve complications may happen. You may need an operation or minor treatment, and this year your financial situation will be better. There is jewellery buying yoga. Read Vishnu sahasranama and Shivakavacha daily.

Cancer: — From the beginning of this year to the beginning of Pushya Masa there is good luck. Then you will suffer a lot. But your Guru who is in good luck will protect you. All the work you started will be completed. The machine, automobile and iron traders will have a good profit until the end of December this year. Students have moderate fruit. Those in politics get more power. But by the start of the month of January (2023), you will have all your tasks slowed down. There is the possibility of an accident with a vehicle or water. There is going to be pain from the hips down. Perform a daily Shivapanchakshari chant.

Leo — The guru of the Ashtama and the Saturn of Shastha and Sapthama will make you feel sweet and bitter this year. Enemies will be increased. Students need a lot of perseverance. Extreme losses to iron and timber traders. But after December there will be profits. There is the possibility of lending on business or health. Be very wary of strangers. It is best if the short trip is as short as possible. High profit for farmers High profits for clothing, grocery and snack traders. Students will have some relief at the end of this year. Unmarried will have a wedding next January. Be very careful when working in the factory, and recite the hymns of Shivamahimna, do ashwatha pradakshina.

Virgo: The Panchamashani influence will continue from the previous year until the end of November this year. Guru is at some level of comfort as the Guru is at your sapthama, and government employees will be often harassed by bosses. There will be many trips this year at your workplace because of which the health may vary. It is possible that the eye is disturbed or that the eye may undergo for an operation. Math and sociology students have to work hard for that. It is best not to start any new work or job this year. Beware of the enemy, after the 24th of November all your troubles will be healed by the grace of Jupiter. Improvement in Health. Worship the God Mahaganapati regularly.

Libra: — However, From the beginning of the year to the next January (2023) there is happiness, the problems of the Panchamashani will chase after you. High profit for those who own jobs. Make a new home and buy a vehicle. You will buy many new shares as a benefit to shareholders. There is a chance of promotions for Software, Engineer and Medical professionals. Those looking for a new job will get a new job. There is good progress for the students, but the impact of the Panchamashani which will start from January will get you into many hardships. There will be many problems financially, and lenders will often trouble you for loan repayment. There will be pain in the chest or lumbar region. The worship of the Goddess and the chanting of the Shanikavacha is good.

Scorpio: — You will have many new experiences this year. You will buy a land, financially you will be more stable. Research and laboratory workers have raja yoga. Students get the desired results. For those who have no children, will have this time. Travel abroad for employment or tour, court affairs will win you over. There is a promotion yoga for the teaching profession. People in politics get a new post. It will do many public works; half-done works will be completed. Worship programmes at home will be accomplished. There will be a great help by a new person. This year share market business would be better. The worship of Ganapati and Anjaneya and Kula devata is good.

Sagittarius: This year, the healing guru will disguise Saadesath Saturn’s influence. At the beginning of the year there will be many problems with health, and the government office related business will slow down. Will Get trouble by one of your closest relatives. Farmers will lose, tooth or neck problems may occur in June-July, and after September, the hardships experienced so far will be gone, the tasks will be performed as per your will, for students this year will be difficult but will be better after September. There is the yoga of getting a government job. High profit for oil workers. Those who work in the institute will be transferred. financial problem will be eliminated, read the Shiva kavacha Daily.

Capricorn: — Saadesath Saturn’s trouble will be more, due to lack of Jupiter’s praise, which will increase debt, resulting in loss of business, loss for iron, machinery and cement merchants. People in government jobs are likely to lose their jobs, be careful while driving may have an accident, and may have problems in marriage life. Frequently there will be pain in the knees and feet. There is a need for medical treatment. There will be loss for medical professionals this year, transfer of job may occur for faculty working in a government school or college. Demotion Yoga is for those who work in court or for the Judge profession. Students will have setbacks, read the regular Shiva panchakshari Japa and Durga kavacha, and perform the Ashwatha pradakshina.

Aquarius: — Saadesath Saturn will enter in your zodiac this year. And the Expenditure positioned Saturn will sit on your back and ruin your comfort. But half of the difficulties will be solved because of the praise of the Jupiter. All of the hardships will be gone by January (2023). The building contractors will be in loss, and the loss of a home or land for may happen for lending businessmen. Science and computer learning students will be in loss by the end of November this year. There is good result after December, Stomach upset will ruin your health. But the Guru in your secondary position will help you to reduce most of your losses. Half done works will be completed after November. Make the worship of Guru Dattatreya is necessary.

Pisces: -The previous year’s bitter experiences will be overshadowed by the arrival of Jupiter. Because the Saadesath Saturn begins in January (2023) there will be variation in your health. Good profit for food traders, grocers and clothing traders. The paint artists will get better recognition, bank and finance businessmen will be in profit. Benefits for those who work in the Account category and will solve most of the financials problems. Hardware businessmen will see loss. Stomach and head problems may occur, hospitalization may be required for some days. There will be trouble from one of the strangers. Students have moderate fruit at the beginning of the year and get a good lead through September. Together, you have a mixed fortune this year. Constant Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting and Shiva worship will take away your hardships this year.

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