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Effect of Rahu Kaal (Rahu Kala) on Individuals.

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Effect of Rahu Kaal (Rahu Kala) on Individuals.

                                                Effect of Rahu Kaal (Rahu Kala) on individuals.

Performing any religious rituals on Rahu Kaal is inauspicious. There will be no wedding festivities or prayer services during Rahu Kaal. The typical duration is 1.30 hours at sunrise and 1.30 hours at nightfall. Those who have a troublesome Rahu in their horoscope should exercise extra caution. For accurate advice, consult an astrologer.

Who Is Rahu?

Rahu, also known as "Svarbhanu," is a demon. Raa means hidden while "Raahu" also means terrifying.   He is a monster with a "severed" head who swallows the sun and moon, creating solar and lunar eclipses. He is a ruthless demon minister.

He is the Son of "Viprachitti" and "Simhika” - the Rakshasa.

However, Rahu plays an essential and inevitable part in how everything in the world works. He is the Almighty's preferred candidate to keep the universe in harmony and to continue ushering in change. Understanding Rahu, often known as "The Mighty One," and his significance is the key to wisdom.

Rahu's Story

According to the well-known tradition, the Devas and Asuras were divided into two camps after the Amrut-Manthan (the churning of the ocean to obtain nectar) process was complete. This was done to prevent any confusion or commotion on the part of the Asuras. Serving the nectar to the Devas and Asuras was Lord Vishnu's assignment when he assumed the shape of the Celestial Enchantress Mohini. The real goal was to consume all of the nectar before the Asuras took their turn. So, after revealing his plan, the Asura “Swarbhanu” disguised himself as a Deva and moved over to the camp of the Devas. He went and took a seat between “Chandra Dev and Surya Dev”.Suddenly, Surya and Chandra learned of Asura's cunning scheme and reported it.

Even though Lord Vishnu was already aware of Swarbhanu's true identity, it is said that he still permitted him to drink the nectar because he knew it was all already a part of the cosmic scheme and that, as a reward for his intense penance, Lord Brahma had already granted him a boon that gave him the authority and status of a planet.

Rahu lacks any physical structure. It is an imaginary planet.

The Relevance Of The Story.

Rahu would not care a lot about following norms and regulations. He prefers to constantly breach the law, cross societal norms, disregard traditions, query authority, and motivate problems for others. Rahu views the solar as his finest enemy because the sun is the authority, consequently, he consistently disdains and rebels in opposition to it. Rahu is regularly called the leader tormentor of the sun and Moon. Rahu is often referred to as the chief tormentor of the Sun and Moon. Rahu is regularly called the leader tormentor of the sun and Moon. The head of Rahu then continues and grudgingly attacks the Sun (while Ketu attacks the Moon) and is believed to swallow it, resulting in the "eclipse"

Rahu is similar to "Shani," and everyone is aware of it. Rahu possesses these characteristics because Shani is the one who administers the various punishments at some stage in our life.

What are the effects of the Rahu Dasha?

Only when starting businesses does Rahu Kaal apply. The dasha is active for 18 years of one's life.

  •  huge losses of money
  • Health issues
  • Strong arguments with children, partners, and family members.
  • psychological strain, worry that friends might be lying, and even family dissolution
  • Fear of authority figures and issues with some fixed assets and property may arise.
  • There are many barriers and difficulties in the route of advancement.
  • sudden loss of money and harm as a result of an accident.
  • poor nourishment and family members' deceit.
  • disputes with members of the local community.
  • A rise in the likelihood that close friends may lie to you)
  • Being cut off from your family

Rahu Mahadasha Marriage

Marriage during the Rahu Mahadasha period will result in the loss of something—money, materialistic items, etc.—or an unfavourable event occurring on the day of the wedding, one must be extremely cautious and vigilant about their surroundings as well as their wealth. A Rahu Mahadasha does not support marriage as much as it might seem to do so because it promotes the concept of "being selfish" and "me, myself, and I." The Rahu Mahadasha has an eccentric and egotistical effect on its subject, rendering another person irrelevant. communication and engagement between the couples are essential in a marriage because it is a two-way street. To choose the best timing for your marriage, it is advised to speak with an astrologer.

What are the remedies for Rahu Dasha?

  • Place a gomed stone, some mishri, some urad daal, some silver, and thin white fabric on it. After that, simply bind the piece of cloth, bury it at your home's doorway, and let it be there, buried.
  • You can also donate Urad daal, sesame seeds, blue clothing, and a black wool blanket to the less fortunate and in need.
  •  You can feed snakes with eggs and feed ants sugar.
  • Additionally, it is stated that reciting the Rahu mahamantra at least 324 times each day will benefit those who are going through this period.
  • To lessen the harmful impacts of Rahu, make some type of libation gifts to the Pitra or your ancestors.
  • Avoid naming your home after yourself and instead use the name of your ancestors or forefathers. Always choose the east side of your home to study, sit, and eat.
  • If a youngster in your family is affected by Rahu, you'll find that they don't listen to their elders and develop into nasty people.
  •  All you need to do in these circumstances is ask the child :   
  1. On each Amavasya, bring four coconuts to the temple.
  2.  Ask the youngster to wear a small piece of white sandalwood that has been strung onto blue thread if they are unable to learn, are frequently scared, or are furious.
  3.  To their bathwater, add some Ashoka leaves and a few drops of wood oil or perfume.
  4. Make sure the kid has dinner at the appropriate hour each night.
  5.  Insist the child feed the fish.
  6. You could even let the child release some fish into a pond or body of water.
  7. Give others coconuts on the child's behalf.
  8.  Make sure they consume coconuts and drink any variety of coconut water.

How to determine Rahu Kaal Today.

By dividing the number of hours between the astrological sunrise and sunset by 8, one can determine the Rahu Kaal (Rahu Kala). For instance, the length of Rahu kalam on a regular 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM day is 1.5 hours or 90 minutes (12 hours divided by 8).

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