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How important is Kundali / Kundli Matching - Kundli Milan for Marriage?

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How important is Kundali / Kundli Matching - Kundli Milan for Marriage?

How important is Kundali / Kundli Matching - Kundli Milan for Marriage?

Kundli matching is thought to be highly significant in Hindu families when considering the marriage between a boy and a girl. To reach a final decision regarding the union, the families of the boy and girl come together. Horoscope matching, jataka matching or kundali matching are similar terms, and indeed Kundli matching is vital for a marriage to have a peaceful life together afterwards. To know about it in detail, click here.

Many people use the advice of Kundli matching according to Vedic astrology to assess a couple's compatibility before marriage. Through Kundli matching, one can learn more about the compatibility of potential partners and how their horoscopes' Ascendents and Nakshatras may affect their marriage. This compatibility allows the couple to proceed with the marriage. Expert astrologers compare and contrast the couple's horoscopes in eight different ways during the Kundli matching process.

Kundli Matching for Marriage by Date of Birth

Indians use a birth chart or Kundli, to predict a person's future, especially in the wedding-related aspects of their lives from conception to adulthood.Twelve houses make up the chart. Each one corresponds to a zodiac sign (rashis). Willpowers are then formed based on the movement of the planets throughout the chart, the house that the planet is in, or the grouping of the planets in the house. There are more incidents to look into than we can concentrate on here. To take complete advantage of the chart and find the right predictions, it is wise to discuss it with an informed Astrologist.

These 4 issues can destroy a marriage that was conducted without Kundli Matching

Due to their intense feelings of attraction and happiness for one another, they believe that Kundli matching will significantly hinder their ability to get married. Here are four issues that may arise from a marriage that is performed without Kundli matching, assuming that you nevertheless chose to get married.

      1.  Nature incompatibility 

           People occasionally start acting irritated and angry after receiving a marriage prediction without kundli matching, because their personalities are so dissimilar             in real life. They begin criticising one another and become anxious. Marriages may dissolve due to incompatibility after three months or even thirty years!

      2.  The absence of kids

             In Indian society, the question of childbirth prediction arises after a few years of marriage, and this is a very sensitive and delicate matter. Some people may not want children at all,                    while others may want them very much but are unable to have them for a variety of reasons. The marriage may occasionally suffer if the partners do not share the same views on having              children or are unable to conceive.

      3.  A lack of wealth and luck 

           Because we need money to live the lives we want to live, having stable finances is essential. Without sufficient financial resources, there can be no material happiness. Living without                   stress is a result of having a healthy bank account. If educational backgrounds are very different, there may be severe ego conflicts in a marriage. Additionally, the difficulty of communication and understanding each other increases.

     4 . Serious health issues

        Chronic and persistent health issues can significantly lower the happiness and quality of a marriage. They must also deal with the negative effects and influence of one life partner's bad              horoscope on the other person.

Advantages of online kundli Match Maker

For the purpose of matching the kundlis of prospective brides and bridegrooms, use free online kundli Milan by Astrobharati. It is a faster and more accurate method of estimating how much harmony may exist between the two in the future. Finding out whether the marriage will be a bed of roses or thorns is another benefit of using online kundli matchmaking services. Marriage in India, especially among Hindus, involves two families in addition to the boy and the girl. For instance, relatives and extended families merge into one another. Kundli matching is therefore crucial for the couples' happiness in marriage. Things can go disastrously wrong if there is a mismatch.

Due to human error, Kundli matching calculations performed manually are subject to error; however, online Kundli Match Maker quick processing times give users amazing options. People mistakenly believe that arranged marriage ceremonies are the only occasions for matchmaking, but these occasions also call for horoscope synchronisation. The behaviour, interests, weaknesses, and strengths of a couple's characters are calculated with the aid of matching horoscopes, as well as their chances of having a successful future. In this way, they can be certain that their marriage will be happy and without any significant setbacks or mishaps that could cause them to experience grief or pose health-related challenges. The Guna matching also included calculations to ensure that there will be a sufficient attraction.

Rarely, the 32 GUNAS of the bride and the groom may align, creating the perfect wedding scenario. Only the online horoscope can make it happen because it works so quickly and efficiently. Online astrologers are available via websites.

Online kundli milan not only describes a couple's behaviour but also includes details about the mahurat. A successful marriage requires favourable planetary alignment on the wedding day. The entire marriage would be on shaky ground if the moon was not in the proper orbit during the wedding ceremony. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, MUHURAT is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the relationship. Marriage has a higher chance of enduring difficulties.  To know more about Kundli Matching and Muhurat Talk to our Astrologer or Call us at +91 9513 599 699.






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